The Retailer’s Annual Salute To Lesser-Publicized Music Products

stripesHere at The Retailer, we know that the owners, operators and managers of full-line music stores like yours are interested in all the “marquee” products that get lots of ink in every industry trade magazine: products like Fender’s latest electric, Peavey’s newest amp, Taylor’s brand new acoustic and Yamaha’s newly announced drum set. We also, however, know that you’re interested in all the other products that, although they might not get as much attention, nevertheless draw customers into your store and add substantially to your bottom line. This story, which we bring you every November, celebrates lesser-publicized music products, giving these offerings a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Thanks to all the companies—large and small—who participated by giving us the skinny on the fantastic products to follow.

1. Yamaha Corp. of America
Earlier this year, Yamaha introduced new SILENT Brass systems for French horn (SB3XC), trombone (SB5XC), flugelhorn (SB6XC) and trumpet (SB7XC). Brass instruments can be loud, but Yamaha devised a

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