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Manufacturer/Rep Ballot

Votes will be accepted until Monday, January 4, 2016.

Cort’s MBC-1 Matthew Bellamy Signature Electric Guitar

“On behalf of Cort Guitars, Matthew Bellamy and Manson Guitar Works, we’d like to thank our valued dealers and The Music & Sound Retailer for this nomination. In conjunction with Matt Bellamy, our aim was to create a pro-level instrument with unique features, based on Matt’s signature Manson guitar, at an affordable price point. In the MBC-1, we believe we’ve succeeded. The guitar has gotten rave reviews for its tone and playability, as well as for the inclusion of high-end locking tuners and its unique kill switch. Matt has worked with Manson Guitar Works for two decades, and they have specifically designed the pickups for this guitar. The Cort team continues to work hard to find ways to be innovative, yet affordable, without sacrificing performance, and to provide instruments that are both desirable and profitable.”
Jeff Hubert, USA Cort Brand Manager – Davitt & Hanser

Epiphone’s Tommy Thayer “White Lightning” Les Paul Standard

Framus’ German Custom Shop Mayfield Custom

“This is so exciting for Framus! This is truly an amazing and well-built instrument with a classic look, yet a very modern design that is unparalleled by most of today’s competitors. The Custom Shop Mayfield guitars really need to be in the hands of more semi-hollowbody players today. Our limited, yet very loyal, dealer base has helped us grow tremendously this year, and we can’t wait for an even bigger 2016. Thank you so much!”
Jason Schultejann, USA Brand Manager – U.S. Music Corp.

Ibanez’s JEM77PBFP Steve Vai Signature

“We’d like to thank the dealers who nominated the Ibanez JEM77PBFP for Best Electric Guitar of 2015. As one of the newest signature series guitars stemming from our long-term relationship with Steve Vai, the JEM77PBFP represents the power of collaboration between artist and guitar maker. As a creative spirit, Steve has been a constant inspiration. The ‘floral pattern’ JEM, as it’s known casually, is not a strict re-issue. It bears some improved features that Steve felt the original may have lacked. Kudos for this guitar’s popularity also go to our Ibanez Premium Line guitar builders. They’ve made the Ibanez Premium Line of guitars and basses some of the most envied instruments in the industry, living up to their mission of offering professional quality at prices that working players can afford. A vote for the JEM77PBFP is a vote for a guitar built to thrive in these challenging times of ‘the new normal’ for MI retailers.”
The Ibanez USA Electric Guitar Team

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