423689_255607111192832_1385159351_nThe NAMM Young Professionals will host a two-hour event at Summer NAMM with the emerging leaders of the industry, featuring a keynote by Mark Goff of Paige’s Music on “The Power of Purposefully Focused Leadership.” The event will also have roundtable discussions on a variety of topics and conclude with a networking reception. The event will take place on July 11 from 4pm to 6pm in the Music City Center, Room 407C and 407D. The event is open to all NAMM members.

Comprised of young professionals under 40, members of this NAMM sub-group cover the entire spectrum of the music industry, including retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, service providers and more. Their mission is to provide networking and professional development to the future leaders of the music products industry.

The keynote speaker, Mark Goff, is President and Owner of W.H. Paige & Co. in Indianapolis IN. Founded in 1871, W.H. Paige & Co. is one of the nation’s oldest retail music stores. Goff has been a music products retailer for 28 years. He earned his B.S. in Music Business from Indiana Wesleyan University and immediately joined W.H. Paige as a Sales Associate. He held several roles in the business before becoming its President in 1994, and buying the company in 1999. He is currently serving on NAMM’s Executive Committee.

The aforementioned roundtable discussions will cover a variety of issues that young members of our industry are facing each day. A closing reception will provide an opportunity to network other NAMM YP members and get to know some of the rising stars in our industry. Be sure to bring your business cards!

Reserve your spot today at http://summernammyp.eventbrite.com. You can also stay up-to-date by joining the NAMM YP Facebook page at nammyp.com.

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