The MAP That Leads To You
Minimum advertised price (MAP)… Few terms in the MI industry evoke as much emotion as this acronym. Allen McBroom, a Partner of Backstage Music, delves deeply into this contentious topic.

‘It’s Where The Cool Kids Go’
Summer NAMM is only a fraction of the size of its much larger sibling, but the show’s smaller, more intimate nature opens up a world of opportunity for networking, relationship building and “mind sharing.”


Five Minutes With
Manhasset Specialty Company President Dan Roberts’ involvement with the music products industry goes back many years but his love for music and the instruments that make it traces back to childhood.


MI Spy
The MI Spy was caught off guard by The Chief’s directive this month: to inquire about renting a trumpet for his imaginary school-age child.

Special To The Retailer
We’re in the middle of an analog synthesizer renaissance. This fact has to do with “vintage” and “retro” being buzzwords, but there are other contributing factors, too.

Shine A Light
Watermelon Music has gone through many iterations over the years, as its President, Jeff Simons, has refined the brand to meet the needs of the community.

Retailer Rebel
Competition can be a catalyst for improving the quality of our
stores and the customer experience, and for holding onto—and
even gaining—market share.

Indie retailers must focus on customers and end users but those who work in MI retail must stop assuming that everyone fits neatly into broad demographics.

Under The Hood
One of the reasons for Blizzard Lighting’s ascendance is its continual product innovation, a fact that is perhaps best exemplified by the LB–Par Hex.

And much, much more!

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