Summertime Sizzlers!

Twice a year, The Retailer brings you our trade show-centered product round-ups: the “New Product Spotlight.” This month, we focus on nearly three dozen sizzling Summer NAMM debuts.

Music On ‘The Hill’

The annual NAMM Advocacy DC Fly-In brought together retailers, manufacturers, distributors, media members and celebrities, all of whom shared a common goal: to support music education.

Riding The Sound Wave

The Retailer asked a who’s who of industry insiders, all of whom specialize in amps and speakers, to offer their impressions of the pro audio market as a whole. Check out what they had to say!


Given how important parts, pieces and accessories have become for brick-and-mortar retailers, it’s only fitting that The Retailer present an interview with Graph Tech Guitar Labs President Dave Dunwoodie.


Silicon Valley is the burgeoning hub of the modern technology boom and the location of many iconic companies’ massive campuses. And, this month, it’s also where The Chief dispatches our intrepid MI Spy.


In Memoriam: Gene Fresco

Photos, memories and stories about “The Sales Guru,” a beloved industry figure who died in May but whose legacy—and whose pearls of wisdom—will forever live on.

Shine A Light

The 1960s marked a seismic shift in popular music, as exemplified by the Beatles’ arrival. That era also marks the beginning of Metronome Music as we now know it.

Retailer Rebel

It’s important that those working in MI retail trust each other, assume that everyone is doing what’s best and give each other the opportunity to grow—and even to fail.

Business & Marketing

David Hall takes a closer look at the skills and qualities required of top retail professionals who know how to facilitate positive engagements with customers.


With Millennials firmly in ascendance, Dan Vedda believes music retailers’ stores must sell convenience, access and expertise, tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

Under The Hood

VOX’s VX I and VX II Modeling Guitar Amplifiers have generated incredible buzz in the market and a major groundswell of excitement. The Retailer spotlights them.

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