Music Nomad Equipment Care launched a new website at to help the industry by tackling a much-asked question from those who set up guitars: What truss rod wrench size do I use for my instrument? With no industry standard, the size often changes by brand, by model, by country and even by decade.

“We found one brand might have five different wrench sizes depending on the model, where it’s made and the year,” said Rand Rognlien, president of Music Nomad.

A guitar forum staple question can now be found in one place for 75 brands for the top acoustic, electric and bass guitars. “By compiling the info with feedback directly from many of the brands, it’s great for the industry because it will reduce the number of emails and phone calls to the brand’s customer service, while giving techs and guitarists worldwide one place to get reliable info 24/7,” said Rognlien.

The data was compiled over four months from a team of people. Music Nomad encourages all brands to check out if they are listed and, if not, contact them to be added.  “We get asked who would spend hundreds of hours to create something like this? As leaders with our growing community, no niche is too small if it makes equipment care easier,” added Rognlien.

The website launch supports a growing line of Music Nomad premium truss rod wrenches, including an 11 pc. Truss Rod Kit that covers the majority of truss rod wrench sizes needed.

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