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Doing Well And Doing Good

In our “The Good Stuff” story, we celebrate the music products manufacturers whose charitable, philanthropic and community-minded initiatives and activities serve to inspire the entire industry…and make our world a better place.

Can You Hear Us Now?

The Retailer reached out to manufacturers dealing with various components of pro audio systems—microphones, personal monitors, audio cables and loudspeakers—to learn about the state of the market at present.


Five Minutes With

The Retailer presents an interview with Daniel Sennheiser, who, along with his brother, Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, capably leads an iconic family-owned business: Sennheiser electronic.


MI Spy

This month, when our sleuth scopes out digital keyboards near Seattle, his (or maybe her) GPS shows the unmistakable signs of enemy-agent sabotage. Danger ahead!


Special To The Retailer

Alfred Music’s Alex Ordonez offers his thoughts on how to develop a social content strategy that will work for your business, and help you reach more customers.

Special To The Retailer

According to Shure’s Gino Sigismondi, the days of cassette tapes are behind us…and the audio industry is no exception to the rapid movement to digital.

Shine A Light

Webster’s Dictionary defines paradise as “a very beautiful, pleasant or peaceful place that seems to be perfect.” And that’s exactly what you’ll find when you visit Paradise Music.

Retailer Rebel

Indie stores have multiple opportunities to develop customer loyalty and personal relationships. It’s a critical way of being distinguished from big-box retailers and online giants.

Business & Marketing

Although all music dealers are at a different stage relative to their Social Media Marketing (SMM) plans, all of them should use SMM to help their business develop.


Dan Vedda asks what customers are doing, using and asking for. It might be cutting edge—but, if history is an indicator, it could also be retro.


Under The Hood

Roland worked tirelessly to capture both analog and digital synth abilities in one compact model, resulting in the new JD-Xi Interactive Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer.

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