The Good Stuff: Great Things Going on in MI Today

This annual feature takes on much more importance than ever before as we include plenty of the great things MI manufacturers are doing to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

MI’s Virtual World

An in-depth look at MI retailers have handled the coronavirus health crisis.


Who MI

A look at Adam Hall Group’s many brands and products.

Shine a Light

Backstage Music is not only the source for the “In the Trenches” column in this magazine. The store, and specifically, its partner Allen McBroom, have quite a story to tell.

Under the Hood

IK Multimedia’s iLoud MTM compact reference monitors provide design elements and technology advances intended to deliver pristine sound and unprecedented accuracy for its size and price point.


Five Minutes With

Takaki Maeda, senior general manager of Casio Computer Co. Ltd.’s Electronic Musical Instruments Business Division, talks about 40 years of electronic keyboards and much more.

Front and Center

Kathy-Anne “KAM” McManus, Avid Chief Customer Experience Officer, talks to the Women’s International Music Network about whether she has seen more opportunities for women in technology, plus much more.

The Final Note

Misha Guiffre, director of sales, The Music Link Corp. counts his 1975 Fender Jazz Bass reissue at his most prized possession. It has been his constant companion for more than two decades.


MI Spy

In MI Spy’s last in-person store visit prior to COVID-19-fueled lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders, he/she visited New York City’s downtown, as well as nearby Hoboken, N.J.


Grassroots Marketing

When you get a notice from village hall that the street where your store sits will be closed for half a day or more because of a parade, you have two choices: You can close early and go to the beach — or you can make the most of things.

In the Trenches

Allen McBroom describes how he is dealing with COVID-19.


The coronavirus pandemic will cause many changes that MI retailers need to be prepared for.





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