May 2018 Digital Edition


Good and Plenty: The Great Things Going on in MI Today

Tons of manufacturers are making huge efforts to support charities and local communities. We take a look at some of these special efforts.

And the Retailer Nominees Are…

For the first time, the Music & Sound Retailer will hand out its Music & Sound awards to retailers at Summer NAMM in Nashville. Here’s a complete list of the nominees.


Five Minutes With

We spend some time with Jamie Mann, who recalls his 10 years at the company, big 2018 product launches and looks forward to the company’s Experience PRS event.


MI Spy

The Iowa-Illinois Quad Cities region may be overlooked by some, but not any longer. MI Spy traveled to the region rich with MI stores.


Shine a Light

In a slight twist to the usual column, the Retailer presents a Q&A with Music & Arts president Steve Zapf, who provides information about the retailer’s explosive growth.

Retailer Rebel

Gabriel O’Brien recounts the many lessons imparted upon him by his mentor, Jerry Lambert, the king of
customer service and dealer relationships.

In the Trenches

Allen McBroom discusses some of the many fees MI retailers must accept and offers advice on
how to add some money to the bottom line.

Not Your Average Column

Tim Spicer explains when it comes to your store — as well as any retail location — first impressions are everything.


It’s uncertain if a “trade war” will actually come to fruition, but if it does, Dan Vedda opines that it is bad for MI.

Retailing Better

We are in a fun industry. Let your passion shine through and have fun, explains Robert Christie.

The Final Note

We go 20 questions (actually 21) with Terry Platt, CEO of Crush Drums. Find out why A.I. could change MI soon, why snorkeling in Florida is the best and learn about the secret power of karaoke.

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