Venerable New York City MI retailer Matt Umanov Guitars announced on Oct. 2 it would be closing its doors after being in business for 50 years.

“After 50 years we are closing our doors. It has been a hell of a run and to say that we appreciate all the love and support isn’t even close to doing our feelings justice,” the retailer wrote on Facebook. “Please come by and see us. Also enjoy 20% off everything in the store. Thanks y’all!”

“This was a conscious decision. I’ve been doing this a very long time … I’ve got a couple grandchildren and I’m too old, I don’t need to work 60 hours a week between Monday and Friday anymore,” owner Matt Umanov, 70, told the Gothamist.

The news source added that Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan were among his customers at the store, located on Manhattan’s Bleecker Street.

“What this has all been about is the music. Yes, there’s the guitars and they’re wonderful. But we’ve helped a lot of people over the years to make music — that’s what it’s all about,” Umanov told the news outlet.

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