Think NAMM Young Professionals!


By Mark Despotakis

One of the things that give the music industry great character is its diversity of talent. We all come to the industry with a great passion for music. Just as there is a wide range of music styles and products, there is also a wide range of people in our industry. So, how do you find your niche?

NAMM, through the Generation NEXT program, as well as other initiatives over the years, has tried to recruit smart young people to our industry. They’ve done a great job of doing that. And, we all have young people in our companies whom we want to develop…whom we want to help grow their passion for the industry. And, many of us are still relatively new to the industry, as well. And, just like in any industry, young members can sometimes find it difficult to find their place. Are you under 40 and looking for your place in our industry?

Many of us travel to the NAMM show and Summer NAMM each year. In many instances, we’re the only ones from our company to attend. So, are you maximizing your time at the trade shows, to get the most out of the experience not only for your company, but also for your own professional development?

Many in the industry don’t get to attend the trade shows, but still want to be involved and develop themselves more fully. That can be a challenge when you aren’t able to attend the trade shows to learn and network in person. So, how do you find your niche that way?

Luckily, our industry has an answer to all these questions: NAMM Young Professionals (NAMM YP). You may have heard of the group before. It was a group that met at the NAMM show and Summer NAMM in a social setting. We’re now changing things up a little bit to allow for industry members under the age of 40 to come together to learn and network at trade shows, but also during the rest of the year.

We’re kicking off the new and improved NAMM YP at the 2013 NAMM show with a half-day of professional development and networking. We’re bringing together both industry leaders and emerging talent. The event takes place on the Wednesday before the show opens, January 23, and starts with a keynote speech by Tom Bedell.

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