abstract lights_55762684Long gone are the days of DJing simply being an audio event. To be considered a top DJ, the visual component must be mixed in prominently, to the point that club patrons feel they are part of an experience as opposed simply to listening to music.

That’s where lighting comes in. Last year, in our DJ/Lighting update, retailers told The Music & Sound Retailer that incandescent bulbs are dead, having been replaced by longer-lasting LED bulbs that don’t heat up when in use for a significant amount of time.

This year, we can report the lighting industry has taken the next step. Although LED continues to be the backbone for most every lighting product, manufacturers are now boasting portable, battery-powered lighting products so that DJs don’t constantly need to worry about a building’s power capabilities or the proximity of electrical outlets.

To shed more light (so to speak) on the subject, as well as to find out about additional hot trends in the lighting industry, The Retailer brought together Albert Chauvet, CEO, and Allan Reiss, Product Manager, from Sunrise FL-based Chauvet Lighting, along with Frank Luppino, Director of Sales and Marketing for Waukesha WI-based Blizzard Lighting, LLC.

Our respondents definitely agreed on one thing: the future of (continue reading)



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