Silo-girl-dancingToo corny? Wrong!

I know some of you think this headline in an ad would be too corny. Hey, maybe you’re right. However, if you want to appeal to the emotion of “recognition,” this is one way to do it.

I have said it many times: People buy emotionally and, later, justify it with logic.

The five strongest emotions, in order of their priority, are survival, recognition, love, sex and greed.

Survival is literally wanting to stay alive…a really strong emotion.

Recognition is the desire to be famous, or to be acknowledged for doing something well or reaching a goal that took hard work to attain.

Love is the third-strongest emotion; it can be love of your fellow man or woman, love of your family, or love of your partner.

Sex, as we all know, makes us do stupid things and is definitely a motivator in many things that we do.

Greed is the fifth-strongest emotion, and I’m glad it is only fifth. We all wish we were millionaires. It can be a blessing or a curse.

Why must you know what the strongest emotions are? Because when you are with customers, you can determine by asking probing questions what emotion is motivating them to make a purchase.

You didn’t know you had to be a psychologist to be a successful salesperson, did you?

I don’t think the emotion of survival will ever factor into buying a musical product, unless the customer says, “If I can’t play a musical instrument, I’ll kill myself.”

Recognition is probably the most important emotion involved in buying a musical instrument. Pollsters asked teenagers in a questionnaire, “Would you rather be rich or famous?” Ninety-seven percent said they would rather be famous. I guess that answers the question, “Why do people want to play an instrument?”

Love is the next emotion that factors into buying a musical instrument. I bought my twin grandsons electric guitars and paid for a year’s lessons because I love them. That is the reason most parents buy their children musical instruments. Girls buy their boyfriends instruments because of love, and boys do the same.

Sex is the next emotion that is prevalent in  musical instrument sales.

Years ago, music stores used to put a poster on their walls (I don’t know who published the poster) that said:

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