Lee Oskar Harmonicas will celebrate its 35th anniversary at Summer NAMM, according to KMC Music. The festivities will include a birthday cake, champagne reception and a special performance by Lee Oskar, to take place at Booth #1243.

“Lee Oskar, the man fully behind his namesake harmonicas, is a performer, a visionary and a brand, and there aren’t too many other people in this industry who lay claim to all of these mantles,” said KMC Music Vice President of Merchandising Roger Hart. “In 1983, Lee Oskar changed the world of harmonicas forever by developing a world-class, professional grade instrument that is available in more tunings than any other harmonica on the market today. It set the standard for high end performance and virtuosity in 1983 and it continues to do so today in 2018.”

Lee Oskar Harmonicas was founded in 1983 in collaboration with Tombo Manufacturing of Japan, a multi-generational harmonica manufacturer known for excellence since 1917.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas pioneered an interchangeable system of reed plates, combs and cover plates. Its product line features a variety of harmonicas and accessories. Lee Oskar Harmonicas are available in various keys with Standard and Altered tunings, which allow musicians to play a wide range of musical genres and styles, including the most common forms, such as: Blues, Folk, Rock, R&B and Country (using the Major Diatonic, the standard harmonica tuning), and other genres, such as: Hip Hop, Reggae, Ska, Latin, Gypsy, Yiddish, minor Blues, Eastern European, Asian, and many other types of music (using Altered tunings such as the Melody Maker, Harmonic Minor and Natural Minor).

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