KRK Systems by Gibson’s ROKIT G3 Studio Monitor Series is available with 5-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch drivers. This line of 2-way active monitors features a lightweight yellow composite woofer that achieves outstanding dynamics. Its unique tuning process treats the woofer, cabinet and port as a single, integrated whole that provides vocal clarity with extended bass response. The ROKIT G3’s enhanced class A/B bi-amplification system maximizes headroom without increasing distortion. Unlike monitors that distort at higher SPLs, KRK monitors deliver clean, accurate sound at any volume level; the high frequencies are crisp, transparent and free of harshness, which complements the detailed midrange and precise bass. The upgraded 1-inch soft-dome tweeter provides response up to 35kHz, while KRK’s proprietary waveguide technology delivers superior stereo imaging with a wider “sweet spot.”

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