The Music & Sound Retailer: June 2019 Digital Edition


Hitting It Out of the Park

The RPMDA Annual Convention offered education, outings and fun.

In It to Win It

NAMM is set to produce a strong summer show in Nashville next month.


33rd Annual Music & Sound Award Dealer Nominees

NAMM Music Education Advocacy D.C. Fly-In Photos

RPMDA in Photos

Under the Hood

The hottest show of the spring had to be HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” We take a look at Fender’s Game of Thrones Sigil Collection.


Five Minutes With

Gator Cases CEO Crystal Morris offers plenty about the company, advocacy efforts and being one of the founding members of Smart Women in Music.

The Final Note

When not at Celestion, Ken Weller, head of marketing, loves watching motorsports, whether it’s Formula 1 or Banger Racing, at the local oval track.


MI Spy

MI Spy searches for pedals in western Massachusetts.


Special to the Retailer

Danny Shatzkes concludes his trilogy of articles exploring health and safety in MI.

Confessions of a Retailer

Donovan Bankhead returns for part four of his “Keeping Your Pipeline Moving” series.

Not Your Average Column

Need to host a promotional event? Tim Spicer has all the answers you need.

In the Trenches

Allen McBroom handles a similar theme of planning a store event.

Retailer Rebel

Summer can be a tough time for sales at MI stores. Gabriel O’Brien offers some tips to keep the register ringing.

Shine a Light

Rick Thacker founded Plum Grove Music to be one of the industry’s premier destinations for stringed and band and orchestral instrument rentals, lessons and repairs.


An explosion of house brands and boutique or distributor lines of combo products means it’s not unusual to walk into a store that carries unfamiliar brands. These are often more profi table, less plagued by counterfeits, and generally offer equal or better value than similarly priced name brand goods.





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