June 2018 Digital Edition


Executive Retreat

Summer NAMM comes a little earlier this year, from June 28 to June 30. We take a look a at what to expect in Nashville this year, with the help of NAMM president and CEO Joe Lamond.

Speaking Up

Power amps and speakers continue to sell at a steady pace, with more growth expected. We take a close look at these segments with commentary from Yamaha Pro Audio, Peavey and Yorkville Sound Inc.


Summer NAMM Product Showcase

A look at products that will be highlighted at this month’s show.

Special to the Retailer

Fender goes out of this world with its Parallel Universe Collection.

Special to the Retailer

In a special second Special to the Retailer, we feature Wallace Detroit Guitars, which has a unique relationship with Chevrolet.


Five Minutes With

Antonio Ferranti, president, Proel North America Inc., is the man behind the strong growth for both Proel and Dexibell in just one-plus years. We get the scoop, as well as taking a look at a special event the company hosted in Italy in April.


MI Spy

Things are beginning to look up in the Phoenix region, with the Suns earning the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft, and the baseball team looking strong. How was service at MI stores?


Front and Center

Reverb.com has become one of the world’s largest music gear websites, and one of the main people behind the success is Lynette Sage.

In the Trenches

Handling online complaints — whether warranted or not — is one of the toughest things MI dealers have to face.

Shine a Light

E-commerce has been a great boon for Dave Plunk, owner of Illinois’ Music Makers.

Retailer Rebel

Gabriel O’Brien reminisces about website design, dating back to GeoCities.

‘Hire’ Learning

Will Mason tackles yet another important topic: making sure you don’t hire the wrong people.


Anything that can make your store more of a destination is a great advantage. Dan Vedda discusses what synergies can work.

Under the Hood

According to Ibanez, the secret to the Artwood Vintage range’s old-school aesthetic and throwback tone is its Thermo Aging process.

The Final Note

Learning about Paul Reed Smith’s mentors and great influences is fascinating enough. But he digs even deeper and answers plenty more of our questions.

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