21 Products for ‘21

The Music & Sound Retailer presents its Believe in Music Product Showcase.

New Year’s Resolutions

How MI retailers and manufacturers expect 2021 to shake out.


MSR Special

Gibson acquires Mesa/Boogie.

Special to the Retailer

Rain Retail Software’s Holly Wade tackles an important topic rarely covered in the pages of this
magazine: How to get more online reviews.

Sights of 2020

We take a look at some photos that best described 2020 in the MI industry.

Shine a Light

We check in with Donovan Bankhead, who in September, more than 18 years since he first began working for Springfield Music, officially took over ownership of the company.

Under the Hood

With the MI pro audio market still on fire, it is time to check out two microphone launches from Sennheiser, the MD 435 and MD 445.

Under the Hood

Our second Under the Hood features C.F. Martin’s just-announced launch of the 00L Earth guitar, which the company states is the first acoustic guitar that is both Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified and plastic-free.


Five Minutes With

For the first time, we talk with Tagima’s Ney Nakamura, Marcio Zaganin and Ernie Lansford to discuss the company’s tremendous growth in the U.S. market, plus much more.

The Final Note

If he weren’t in the MI industry, Ofer Webman, CEO, founder/creator, ToneWoodAmp, believes that he would be involved in one of the issues that currently affect our lives: the environment, homelessness and, of course, fair royalties to musicians.


MI Spy

In our Best of 2020 story, we look at all the retailers MI Spy liked the most last year and why.


Not Your Average Column

n the midst of a crisis, a great idea is to get back to basics, states Tim Spicer.

In the Trenches

A lot of changes are taking place regarding industry sales reps, notes Allen McBroom.


Dan Vedda recaps some lessons learned from 2020.





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