Hosa Technology, Inc., introduced the latest addition to a growing list of preventative and protective products, Hosa Face Masks.

A growing portfolio of research has been done on the efficacy of masks over the past year. Reusable cloth masks have been shown to be effective in preventing large droplets from entering the atmosphere, which could then become aerosolized and spread airborne pathogens. Hosa Face Masks use a polyester outer layer, cotton inner layer and come with one five-layer filter that can be easily replaced.

Hosa Face Masks are stretchable and non-restrictive, made with a material that allows for good breathability without sacrificing what makes masks effective in the first place, the company states. Hosa Face Masks are also washable and reusable, reducing waste from disposable surgical masks that workers and gigging professionals have used since returning to work from the global pandemic.

“Even in areas where there are less government-enforced restrictions in place, it’s still the norm for private businesses to take it upon themselves to practice social distancing” Jose Gonzalez, Hosa’s director of marketing & product development, said. “While there are an abundance of masks on the market, we think we offer something just as effective and also more comfortable which can be worn anywhere.”

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