Vertex Effects, Red Panda, and Hotone Audio are now available through Hal Leonard MI Products Distribution in the U.S. and Canada. This announcement was made by Brad Smith, VP of MI products with Hal Leonard.

Vertex Effects, a California-based company, handcrafts boutique effects pedals for guitar and bass players to inspire musical artistry and creative innovation.

Red Panda, located west of Detroit, designs and manufactures DSP-based pedals for experimentally minded musicians. They combine modern signal processing techniques with the character of classic digital hardware creating algorithms that can warp, twist and bend sounds in new ways, but stay musical and in control.

Hotone Audio, based in Changsa City, China, was previously distributed through Hal Leonard via their existing arrangement with Samson Technologies. Now the partnership is direct, resulting in more favorable dealer and consumer pricing.

“These lines now join the family of Hal Leonard guitar effects offerings which already include Line 6, Morley, Singular Sound, and Warm Audio. As a distributor, we love how these lines complement one another,” said Brad Smith. “We now have an effects offering for every player regardless of budget or interest to experiment. We can’t wait to see our dealers expand their offerings too!”

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