The Guitar Center Foundation was part of a segment on the “Kelly Clarkson Show.”  Here is a quick synopsis of the segment and a link to the actual segment:

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on musicians of all ages, not the least of which include the students learning their craft and the instructors sharing their experience and expertise with the younger generation. The Guitar Center Music Foundation (GCMF), a non-profit dedicated to helping support musicians and music education programs, has been able to make a significant mark in keeping the music going during this difficult period.

Recently, the daytime program The Kelly Clarkson Show profiled the trials of Heather Leverich, the proprietor of Conservatory of the Ozarks, an arts program in Springfield, MO struggling due to the pandemic, as well as the generous strangers, John and Donna, who heard of her troubles and were so moved by her story and her work that they made a series of donations to help keep the program afloat. On the show segment, it was announced in a surprise moment that The Guitar Center Music Foundation, who also heard of Heather’s situation, had decided to match the couple’s most recent donation of $5,000 to keep the Conservatory thriving, not merely making ends meet, but being able to acquire the new instruments, sheet music, and other tools vital to such a program.

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