Yorkville Sound has announced a partnership with Gold Tone Music Group for distribution of its products in Canada. The agreement goes into effect immediately. Gold Tone’s offerings include fretted string instruments of every description including four-string and five-string banjos, six-string banjos (banjitars), mandolin-banjos, ukuleles, Weissenborn Hawaiian steel guitars, metal- and wood-bodied resonator guitars, and mandolins.

“It’s common for guitar manufacturers to have a banjo or mandolin model in their catalogue; however, Gold Tone offers greater variety and targeted expertise,” said Jeff Cowling, vice president of sales and marketing at Yorkville Sound.  “With Gold Tone in the family, Canadians will have greater access to string instruments that would otherwise have to be handmade, found used by chance or ordered online accompanied by steep shipping fees. Along with Gold Tone’s banjo’s, guitars and mandolins, instruments like mandocellos, lap steels and tenor guitar are just a local call away.”

Gold Tone’s story is rooted in family. Wayne and Robyn Rogers were active folk musicians in the 1970s when they decided to open Strings N’ Things Music Center in 1978. Today’s Gold Tone Group started as Gold Tone Banjos, founded in Titusville, Fla. by Wayne and Robyn in 1993.

Jeff Cowling adds “At a time when the world has taken interest in picking up and learning new instruments, Gold Tone fills a gap with options to learn and expand the tool box.  Our rep force is looking forward to walking our accounts through this new product line.”

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