Gibson is celebrating the GRAMMY-winning guitarist Peter Frampton with the release of its new Peter Frampton “Phenix” Les Paul Custom VOS guitar from Gibson Custom Shop. Frampton has been a signature Gibson and Epiphone artist for more than two decades. His signature guitar is available worldwide.

“My brand-new Gibson Les Paul Custom VOS has arrived, and boy is it good,” Frampton said of the release. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the look and sound. Gibson has gone that extra mile in every area to make this feel and sound the closest to my original, storied Phenix Les Paul Custom guitar. The neck and weight of this mahogany guitar will amaze you at how great it feels and how light it is (and it’s even a hair lighter than the Phenix). This is the real deal. Thank you, Gibson!”

Peter’s Les Paul Custom is the same guitar heard on the classic 1976 album “Frampton Comes Alive!” The guitar was long thought to be lost in a cargo plane crash in 1980, but it miraculously survived the crash in the tail of the plane. Thirty-one years later, it was returned to Frampton and nicknamed the “Phenix.”

The Gibson Custom Shop has teamed with Peter to recreate the Peter Frampton “Phenix” Les Paul Custom VOS, which has all of the Les Paul Custom cosmetic appointments in place, including a weight-relieved, ultra-lightweight mahogany body, gold hardware and Grover tuners, Schaller Strap Locks, and three open coil custom humbuckers. The Phenix’s special VOS finish gives the guitar the look of the vintage original, minus the dings and scars.

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