Gator Cases’ Feb. 10 ‘Winter Show’ live streaming event offered a fun take on Robert Palmer’s 1988 hit song, “Simply Irresistible,” which was presented on “Gator TV,” and featured CEO Crystal Morris in a suit and sunglasses, as well as dancing from other staff members, like in the song’s original video. Also taking center stage in the 40-minute event was Gator’s director of U.S. sales Rob Garofala and key accounts manager Kent Davis.

Intended for MI retailers, the event, which replaced live meetings at The NAMM Show, introduced many new Gator Cases’ products, including from the Levy’s Leathers and Gator Frameworks lines. Among the products introduced during the live video from Frameworks were Closet Hangers; Clampable Laptop and Accessory Stand; the Deluxe Shockmount Series; Portable Desktop Stand with Fixed Height; Content Creator Desk; Tripod Ring Light; Elite Series Keyboard Furniture, which the company stated is a “new concept in keyboard furniture;” Traditional Wooden Piano Benches; Camera Mount for Mic Stands; 12×12” Acoustic Foam Panels in burgundy, charcoal and red, sold in two-, four- and eight-packs and that are flame retardant certified; the Elite Furniture Series; Desktop Laptop and Accessory Stand; Cable Hanger Tray; and the Mic Pop Filter with Metal Screen.

Meanwhile, Levy’s new product introductions included the Right Height Additions, Hemp Guitar Straps, Wireless Pack Holders and Forged Metal Hangers.

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