The Music & Sound Retailer has been made aware of major news from Fender Musical Instruments Corp., the iconic brand located in Scottsdale AZ. The Retailer has learned that, although no specific timetable has been established, the company is preparing plans to sell its “Fender” brand products direct. This development was first announced the week of August 4 when Fender held a two-day business meeting with key North American dealers at the Fender Visitor Center in Corona CA. The company’s Interim CEO, Scott Gilbertson, and other members of the executive management team discussed the company’s strategic initiatives, which are intended to elevate the Fender brand.

“We are committed to grow our business in partnership with our dealers,” Gilbertson said. “As an industry leader, we view it as our obligation to significantly invest in the consumer experience.”

The company announced it is building capabilities to offer its full product catalog through its Web site, calling this change an effort to meet the demands and desires of the modern consumer. Fender also announced a series of digital initiatives focused on enhancing the dealer’s customer relationship-management capabilities and sales-effectiveness tools.

“By investing in digital capabilities and elevating our consumer experience around our brand, products and services, we expect to drive increased engagement, emotional affiliation and consumer demand,” said Gilbertson. “We believe our strategy will accrue significant benefits across all aspects of our dealer base.”

More details will be provided as this breaking story develops.

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