Nothing fires up a crowd more than . . . fire itself!  Now you can instantly add the drama of a leaping column of flames to your show or performance, safely and easily, with CHAUVET DJ’s new Firebird LED multi-color simulated fire effect.


Featuring a built-in flicker effect that perfectly imitates a real flame, which is colorized by RGBA LEDs, the Firebird LED creates authentic-looking “fire” in a rainbow of hues — with no heat.  Majestic and mystical, the flare-like blaze rises 6.5 feet (2M) high, making it visible from long distances – and ideal for everything from stage shows and music concerts, to outdoor parties and special events.


Rich flame colors can be created by blending the unit’s 4-in-1 Quad-Color red, green, blue and amber LEDs, using a wireless remote controller that comes included with the Firebird LED.  Colors and other features can also be controlled manually from a display panel on the unit, or digitally via DMX using a 9-channel profile.  An infinite spectrum of RGBA shades can be produced, allowing the Firebird LED’s towering flames to be color-coordinated to match any theme or décor, adding a personalized look to your performance or event.


Lightweight and packable, the Firebird LED is perfect for DJs, bands, mobile entertainers and event producers who want a mesmerizing effect that will transform the ambience at any show or venue. “There are so many exciting things you can do with the Firebird LED to wow a crowd,” said Nick Airriess, Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ.  “Use this torch-like effect to set an exotic mood at a party or wedding, or fire it up at the end of your music concert and have the stage ‘go up in flames.’


“One of the best things about the Firebird LED is that for all the mystique and raw force associated with fire, it’s completely safe and easy to use,” added Airriess.  “Its flicker effect is so realistic that it allows you to create an exact replica of raging flames — with no heat or hazards to worry about.”


Bright and powerful, the Firebird LED utilizes four 5-watt 50,000-hour Quad-Color RGBA LEDs, which emit an illuminance of 1,109 lux at 2 meters. It features a variable strobe effect (0 to 12 Hz) and includes 3-pin DMX connectors and a wireless remote.


Easy to transport, the Firebird LED unit weighs 22.2 pounds (10.1 kg) and measures 20.4 x 8.9 x 12.8 inches (518 x 228 x 325 mm).  These dimensions make it a perfect fit for Chauvet’s CHS-50 VIP Gear Bag (sold separately), which offers ideal protection during travel and storage.

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