Fluence-Black-Single-WidthFishman is shipping the new Fluence Single Coil pickups, with Humbucker models to follow soon. Fluence active pickups incorporate Fluence Core “coils” and true Multi-Voice electronics to consistently create idealized versions of the classic sounds guitarists demand. Unlike passive pickups with traditional wire-wound coils, Fluence pickups are not susceptible to spurious noise, hum, cable capacitance problems, loss in tonal response and clarity due to small volume changes and other inductive issues. The Multi-Voice feature in every Fluence pickup allows players to transform their individual pickups from Vintage, to Hot, “line-in” Clean or Death Defying (depending on the model), with the right level and gain for each voice. When coupled with the Fluence rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack, time between charges is weeks instead of hours.

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