Nashville, Tenn.-based EMD Music has been appointed the exclusive distributor in the USA for Crafter Guitars. Crafter, based in Korea, has been a manufacturer of acoustic guitars since 1972.

“We have been looking for a high-quality acoustic guitar line for a while that will complement our current portfolio of brands,” said EMD national sales manager Tony Graham. “With price points in the sweet spot $200-$700 range, we now have a mainstream guitar line that fills that void. All of the EMD team are excited to add Crafter to our product line.”

“We have not been active in the US market in the last few years while focusing on other markets, and are very pleased to be partnering with the EMD Team,” added Crafter team leader John Park. “Together with them, we will bring Crafter back to the US by reintroducing instruments that contain Korean quality, 50 years know-how and understanding of acoustic structure.”

EMD expects to ship Crafter orders by the end of Q2.

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