DJ gear and lighting equipment present a compelling value proposition to full-line, brick-and-mortar music stores. At a time when retailers are feeling the squeeze from and chain retailers—not to mention digital devices that are drawing kids away from musical pursuits—savvy dealers are enjoying the relatively high margins that DJ and lighting products afford, while also benefiting from lighting’s ability to make other products in the store appear even more irresistible. And, with rapid technological advancements within the segment, products are simpler to use, more reliable and of higher quality than ever before. In short, if your store never considered stocking DJ and lighting gear, now is definitely the time to reconsider that decision.

We solicited short, 500-words-or-fewer op-eds from four major players in the DJ and lighting space, seeking brand-agnostic content that promotes the importance of the segment while sidestepping commercial promotion of their own products. Below, find contributions from ADJ Products, Blizzard Lighting, CHAUVET DJ and inMusic Brands.

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