Celebrating The Shining Lights Of 2015

The Music & Sound Awards, marking their 30th year, honor the very best manufacturers, products, dealers, executives and sales reps in the music products industry. This month’s cover story features comments and quotes from dozens of nominees on the manufacturer/rep side. Check out what they have to say before casting your final ballot!

Soldier On, Sister

Pauline France, who, along with Laura B. Whitmore of the Women’s International Music Network (the WiMN), is a key She Rocks Awards show organizer at the NAMM Show, delves deeply into the subject of women’s empowerment in the MI industry. She explains how women add incalculably to our musical milieu.

Hit The Accelerator

All the components of the music products industry that make it a rewarding and enjoyable business to be part of—passion for music making, creative innovation, highly entrepreneurial individuals and robust profit potential—will be in abundant supply at the NAMM Show, coming your way next month from Anaheim CA.


Five Minutes With

Many people naturally wonder whether aligns with and boosts brick-and-mortar retailers, or whether it is yet another competitor dotting an already-difficult landscape. In a wide-ranging interview with The Music & Sound Retailer, David Kalt,’s Founder/CEO, illuminates what is, where it’s going and how its ascendance will affect you.


MI Spy

It might have only been a couple of months ago that The Chief directed our intrepid agent, the MI Spy, to Arizona for some reconnaissance missions. That recent trip, though, didn’t dissuade The Chief from sending our sleuth to Tucson this month for yet another top-secret Arizona assignment.


30th Annual Music & Sound Awards Dealer Nominees

A snapshot of this year’s nominees.

The Music & Sound Independent Retailer

An update on your fellow brick-and-mortar independent retailers.

Shine A Light

With a healthy dose of brotherly love, Mantova’s Two Street Music has become something incredibly unique and invaluable to the Eureka CA music community.

Retailer Rebel

Gabriel O’Brien delivers a sharp-elbowed critique of MAP policy in the MI industry, going so far as to say that MAP has been an almost total failure on nearly every level.

Business & Marketing

David Hall believes that key to making a successful New Year’s Resolution is a person’s confidence that he or she can make behavioral changes, and then committing to those changes.


In recent years, Dan Vedda has noticed two opposite trends—urgency and lethargy—that are in a tug of war. And, he says, brick-and-mortar retail is at the center.

Under The Hood

Recently, D’Addario announced that it would expand its Reserve Saxophone Reed line, coming to add Reserve Soprano and Tenor Saxophone Reeds. The products have generated considerable excitement already.

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