The Music & Sound Retailer: December 2019 Digital Edition


The Nominees, Please …

The Music & Sound Awards are back for a 34th edition, which includes a new category: Best Website/App. Find out all 123 nominees in 31 categories.

Global Crossroads

According to Joe Lamond, president and CEO at NAMM, there are three reasons MI retailers attend The NAMM Show: new products, education and networking/seeing friends/events. Learn how next month’s show plans to fulfill these needs.


Under the Hood

Audio-Technica’s Streaming/Podcasting Packs could provide an extra boost for MI retailers hoping to augment holiday sales.


Five Minutes With

To conclude 2019, we have two interviewees for the price of one. Scott Attebery, CEO, Kyser Musical Products Inc. talks about why his unique skill set is a boon for MI, while Meredith McClung, owner and president, talks about why Attebery was the perfect choice for the job. Of course, this story, spanning four pages, offers a lot more.

The Final Note

Simon Campling, marketing and artist relations, G7th, The Capo Co., still loves the “ThunderCats” animated series and would probably be doing something he hates — teaching math — if not for MI.


MI Spy Year in Review

A long look at the 11 MI Spy winners throughout 2019. What did they do so well? There is only one way to find out.


Not Your Average Column

It’s a consistent challenge to stay on task when running a MI business. Tim Spicer offers tips regarding how to unlock the secret to time management.

In the Trenches

Today, the list of payment options is overwhelming, and if you’re still accepting only cash, checks and cards as payment, you’re probably encouraging potential sales to go elsewhere.

Retailer Rebel

According to Gabriel O’Brien, one of the things independent MI stores struggle with most is telling their story, having a sure sense of their unique brand message and making sure they present it to customers. He offers some advice on how to promote what really makes your store special.

Shine a Light

Brandon Voorhees, showroom manager at Cincinnati’s Buddy Roger’s Music, has made some changes to help launch the retailer into the stratosphere.


Although the technology industry has disrupted the entire retail industry, Dan Vedda is beginning to see some “cracks” in the public perception of the business models of companies like Amazon





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