Celviano Grand Hybrid

Casio America, Inc., a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, announced two new digital pianos—the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid GP-500BP and GP-300. Designed to combine the advantages of digital technology with the traditional sound and feel of acoustic pianos, the Grand Hybrid pianos deliver an experience like that of a grand piano including the tones, keys, and playing comfort.

“We are excited to introduce our Grand Hybrid digital pianos as we feel the advanced technological features and sound quality will allow musicians to enjoy performing and practicing piano with a new level of authenticity,” said Stephen Schmidt, Vice President of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instrument Division. “These two new models bring together all of the electronic musical instrument technology that Casio has developed over the past three decades, and offers pianists of all levels a superior 9-foot concert grand piano experience in a compact form.”

Casio’s new AiR Grand Sound Source faithfully recreates the complex, multi-faceted sound of an acoustic piano. Every aspect, including sympathetic string resonance, damper resonance, key-off response and mechanical sound has been reproduced. It includes recreations of three legendary grand pianos, each with a rich history: the Berlin Grand, known for its elegant, clear sound and melodic color; the Hamburg Grand, which delivers gorgeous, versatile tone with evocative string resonance; and the Vienna Grand, which provides a stately and expressive sound with a wide tonal palette. Several preset configurations of these pianos are included, along with other essential instruments. The Berlin Grand sound was developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein, a piano maker with a history of over 160 years. As a result, these new models have moved beyond the realm of conventional digital pianos, demonstrating a commitment to nuanced sound creation.

Celviano Grand Hybrid

Casio’s GP-300, developed in collaboration with Piano Maker C. Bechstein.

The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid pianos feature the new Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard. The full-length piano keys use the same materials and processes as in C. Bechstein grand pianos, with a unique mechanism developed by Casio that delivers authentic grand piano hammer movement. This has a dramatic impact on the Grand Hybrid’s tactile response, and thus enables the pianist to play in a completely natural way. Their most subtle playing nuances are flawlessly translated to beautiful sound, with reliable key response and a familiar touch.

Furthermore, the GP-500BP and GP-300 feature a Grand Acoustic System that faithfully represents the sound of a grand piano as it emanates from above and below the soundboard. The multi-channel amplification system creates an immersive sound field like that of a 9-foot concert grand for both the player and audience. A special Headphone mode is even included to produce an ideal stereo image while playing or practicing quietly.

The GP-500BP and GP-300 also offer the following features: Hall Simulator; Scene feature (GP-500BP only); 256-note polyphony; 5 touch sensitivity curves; 60 preset songs; 10 user songs; Concert Play mode; Duet mode; USB Audio Recording; ¼″ Line Outputs; and Satin Black Finish (GP-300) or Black Polish finish (GP-500BP).

Casio’s GP-300 ($3,999) will be available at select music dealers nationwide beginning in September and the GP-500BP ($5,999) will be available beginning in November.

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