CAD Audio’s CADLive D32 is a supercardioid dynamic handheld vocal mic with a QuietTouch on/off switch. Its neodymium capsule design produces a powerful signal and great sound quality in various live applications. A supercardioid dynamic handheld vocal mic, the CADLive D38 includes a high-performance neodymium capsule for accuracy and clarity in virtually any live-sound application. The D32 and D38 are available as D32X3 and D38X3 three-packs with carry case and mic clips included. The CADLive D89 supercardioid dynamic instrument mic produces a powerful, articulate response in onstage miking situations. Equipped with a Trueflex diaphragm and PowerGap high-gauss neodymium magnets, the D89 is suitable for miking electric instruments, drums, guitar cabinets, brass and strings. The CADLive D90 Supercardioid dynamic vocal mic is also equipped with a Trueflex diaphragm and PowerGap high-gauss neodymium magnets. For details, call 800.762.9266 or visit

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