Dan Vedda

Veddatorial: Feeling Hopeful

People want to and will play music whether or not a traditional outlet is available, something that is making Dan Vedda feel hopeful.

Veddatorial: Planning for the Future

Ohio’s Skyline Music has only been able to do enough to cover the things that needed to be paid during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are reasons to be o...

Veddatorial: SHAPE IT UP

We have seen so much disruption in the economy, in retail and in the music products industry itself. Ignoring the changes and the opportunities these “new normals” present can confine us, states Dan Vedda.
Veddatorial, Customers

Veddatorial: To Serve and Protect

The quality of interactions with customers, specifically the "first contact" aspect of communication, is something retailers can often improve upon, states Dan Vedda.

Curating Inventory

Curating inventory isn’t a futuristic topic. Yet for the future of the brick-and-mortar landscape, a curated inventory isn’t just advisable, it’s a survival solution, states Dan Vedda.