Summer Breeze (Makes Me Feel Fine)

The curtain has fallen on another Summer NAMM show, and now it’s time to look back. On the show floor, we found the latest products soon to hit shelves, innovative ideas from education sessions and insights into broad industry trends.

MI Stores Embrace DJing Revolution

The Retailer takes a look at the DJ and lighting segments from every angle, arguing that, although DJ equipment and lighting gear are experiencing some growing pains, they are nevertheless powerful components of the MI industry, allowing the savvy retailer to fatten their bottom line.


Five Minutes With

It’s rare to score an interview with someone whose career is as illustrious as that of Mark Terry, CEO of JAM U.S. Music Group and President of KMC Music. His comments are wide-ranging and fascinating.


MI Spy

Sure…the MI Spy is a globetrotting super sleuth whose passport stamps include those from many mysterious, exotic locales. But, sometimes, even a secret agent gets a bit jet-lagged…even homesick. So, this month, The Chief goes easy on the covert operative, sending him to New York City in search of basses.


The Sights Of Summer NAMM

A photo collage of this year’s Summer NAMM—spotlighting events on the show floor and beyond—provides a nice snapshot from an attendee’s perspective.

Special To The Retailer

Following up on a Music & Sound Retailer cover story from three years ago, Rebecca Apodaca argues that different branches of the music products industry must communicate and cooperate.

Shine A Light

Columbus NE’s Columbus Music serves not only as the go-to place for the town’s music community, but also as a beacon for commonsense musical instrument purchases.

Retailer Rebel

The next time a customer is acting ridiculous, remember this: at the poker table of retail, people might or might not be your friends…but they’re all holding money.

Business & Marketing

The retailer/vendor dynamic calls for nurturing relationships, building trust and creating an environment of support. David Hall believes a key component is vendor training.


According to Dan Vedda, the most difficult job for brick-and-mortar dealers—and the whole industry—for the next few years is to educate the music products consumer.

Under The Hood

CHAUVET DJ’s GigBAR IRC is at the top of the list for affordable products that incorporate the latest technology into an easy package. Entertainers’ demand for gear that sets up and breaks down quickly has been met!

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