The Adam Hall Group on June 30 marked its live relaunch, and with it an emotional end to a seemingly never-ending standstill for the entire event industry. Representatives from around the live entertainment industry paid tribute to a special evening that showed how the challenges ahead are being tackled with renewed vigour.

Since spring 2020, the Adam Hall Group has been searching for ways out of the crisis with unwavering confidence, while also seeking dialogue with politicians, its own community and business partners in order to proactively advocate for the closed industry. At the “We Are Live” event, this dialogue was finally transferred from virtual distance to physical proximity again. Together with 100 invited guests from German-speaking countries and further abroad, the event technology manufacturer sent a clear signal at its Experience Centre in Neu-Anspach. In compliance with the current hygiene and distancing regulations, the event not only celebrated the restart, but also explored the question of where the event industry of tomorrow is heading and what hurdles need to be overcome in a top-class talk.

A sense of euphoria was felt consistently throughout the evening. As soon as the guests arrived, it was noticeable in countless faces: the anticipation of finally getting together again, meeting old and new colleagues, business partners and friends from the industry on-site, and exchanging ideas. “In 2020, we started out like an ICE train at 300 kph… then the emergency brake was pulled without any warning!” Adam Hall chief operating officer Markus Jahnel recalled in his speech the beginnings of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

The crowning highlight of the evening, however, followed: an exclusive performance by global reggae star Gentleman and his band to kick off his 2021 festival tour, which reminded all the guests once again of what has been missing over the past 18 months: music, people and emotions.

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