ADAM Audio has embarked on a 20-city S Series Roadshow, which kicks off this month and which is being held in leading studios around the country. Its purpose is to enable the company’s customers to hear the power and precision of the S Series, the new third-generation flagship range of nearfield, midfield and main studio monitors for audio recording and production professionals.

“It is very important to us that our customers are able to actually hear the difference that premium monitors, such as the S Series, offer them, as opposed to us just describing them with a clever advertising slogan,” Dave Hetrick, ADAM Audio U.S. President, stated. “We have designed this U.S. roadshow to bring our products right to our customers’ ears in their own city, in an ideal studio listening environment, so they can hear the real difference for themselves.”

Having kicked off in Dallas TX in early March, the roadshow will hit more than 25 locations in 20 different cities, visiting a number of world-class studios across the country. The list of cities includes Austin TX, New York NY, Los Angeles CA, San Francisco CA, Orlando FL, Chicago IL, Atlanta GA, Boston MA and many others. ADAM Audio will also be conducting listening tests of its A7X and A77X monitors.

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