Behringer founder Uli Behringer explained on his LinkedIn page why MUSIC changed its name to MUSIC Tribe.

“Nearly 30 years ago, I started the company Behringer in my living room because I couldn’t afford equipment for my own recording studio. As a struggling sound engineer and pianist myself, I quickly understood the challenges most people faced of not being able to afford professional equipment. I made it my purpose in life to build great products for friends, musicians and sound engineers, etc. This mission is still the same and it will never change,” he wrote.

“MUSIC Tribe is a very different organization and we’re proud to be different,” he continued. “We try very hard to get rid of everything ‘corporate’ and convert into a Tribe where our Tribers’ (employees’) mission is to enable Life Changing Experiences for our Friends (customers).

“We don’t have any C-level executives nor board of directors, nor are we slaves to quarterly budgeting. Most importantly, we don’t care about shareholder value, the worst objective any company can possibly have as it takes away the focus from what truly matters — your customers,” added Behringer.

“In fact, we have pledged to the Tribe that everything we earn will be reinvested — in people, equipment, offices and recently in a brand-new three-million-square-foot factory called MUSIC Tribe City, which is one of the most sophisticated and automated facilities ever built. Like all our offices it is constructed almost entirely of glass, in line with our Vision of transparency and accountability towards our Tribers and Friends,” he stated.

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