spyTextingHe did it again…

The Chief gave me an assignment in a city that’s typically blustering with snow and wind in the middle of winter. “The assignments have to be done well in advance of their being published,” The Chief said. But, this time, I fooled the weather and The Chief. You see, on the spur of the moment, I found a day when a little sunshine was peeking out from under the clouds and the temperature was actually endurable…like all the way up to 30°.

It was a Saturday. I awoke, saw that little bit of sun and decided that this was the day I was going to catch a ray or two driving to Pittsburgh PA to explore music stores. It worked and, although it wasn’t the warmest of days, at least there was a little brightness. I even got to wear my shades on the two-hour drive there. (Well, I had them on for about five minutes, but that still counts.)

I arrived in “the Steel City” with no idea where the stores were, but, fortunately, the handy dandy GPS knew much more than a mere mortal ever could. I had no idea how big Pittsburgh is; it took an hour for me to go across town to get to each store. But, I found some interesting places, nice people and learned more than I needed to know about starter electric guitars. That was my assignment, you see: to buy a starter electric guitar, ostensibly for my grandson.

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