Wireless microphones and in-ear monitors have become an integral part of live music performance, and this year’s ACM Honors, which took place Sept. 15 on CBS, was no exception.

To ensure superior sound quality and flawless performance, Ryman Auditorium RF coordinator J.D. DuCrest brought in 20 channels of Shure Axient Digital wireless as the default microphone system. A variety of Shure capsules were available, including the SM58, KSM9, and Beta 87A. Axient Digital bodypack systems were also available, handling instrument microphone duties for various stringed instruments as well as the three-piece horn section, which used Shure Beta 98A clip-on mics.

“Bringing in both Axient Digital and PSM in-ears as a package was clearly the best option,” said DuCrest. “The sound quality is just outstanding, and the RF performance is the best I’ve ever encountered. Plus, it allowed me to coordinate the entire production using Shure Wireless Workbench software. Working with so many amazing artists on the Ryman stage, this show demanded the best, and Axient Digital delivered.”

In addition to 20 channels of Axient Digital for vocalists, presenters, and instrumentalists as the primary microphone wireless systems, Shure UHF-R wireless was in use for another application. Four channels of UHF-R systems were deployed for the two podium systems, with one UR1 bodypack and UR1M micro-pack on each, eliminating the need for cables for those key microphones.

Shure’s Nashville Artist Relations Manager, Ryan Smith, was also on hand for the festivities. “The annual ACM Honors is a fantastic event, so I was very pleased to hear that J.D. DuCrest had requested Axient Digital systems for this show,” said Shure’s Nashville Artist Relations Manager, Ryan Smith, who was on hand for the festivities. “The performers enjoyed the benefit of clean digital audio, plus the crew at the Ryman was able to experience it for the first time. It was a great night for everyone involved.”

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