As part of its yearlong 30th anniversary celebration, Sabian has opened a museum at its factory in Meductic, NB. Designed to house artifacts, awards and memorabilia from the past 30 years, the museum will serve as a great introduction for factory visitors and employees to the cymbal-maker’s history. The museum also features important photographic records of the factory’s past that extend back to the 1970s and show the first artisans at work in the factory, using traditional manufacturing processes that are still used today.

“It’s easy for important moments in any company’s history to be forgotten as time passes, so it was important for us to start the process of archiving those moments now,” said Terry Ryan, Manager of Canadian Sales & Artist Relations, who headed up the museum committee. “In our case, the history of the factory is very closely tied to the history of the community. We have families who, at this point, have had three generations working at Sabian.” The museum will be open year-round during factory hours. For information on a tour of the Sabian factory and a visit to the museum, call 506.272.2019.

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