announced that Andy Martin has joined the team. As video producer, he will lead and support the continued production of the Pro Guitar Shop (PGS) and Tone Report videos, articles, and other content.

“My mission has always been to help guitar players achieve the sound they’re after, support the creation of new guitar players, and help bring the boutique gear market to the forefront of the electric guitar industry — and shares that mission,” said Martin. “I’m excited to sustain the PGS and Tone Report legacy and continue doing what I love with the support of the entire team and community.”

PGS and Tone Report were born from the determination and passion of the late Aaron Miller and grew into a global retailer of boutique instruments and effects pedals, a one-stop shop for gear demos and reviews, and a close-knit community of musicians. While the PGS retail operation will be shutting down — as reported by Kelly Miller, owner of Pro Guitar Shop — the PGS and Tone Report legacy will continue.

“Like so many members of the gear community, we have been hugely influenced by the work of Aaron Miller and were devastated to hear of his passing earlier this year. Upon learning that PGS and Tone Report might cease to exist completely, we couldn’t imagine the gear community without it in some capacity,” said Dan Orkin, director of content at “We’ve always admired Andy and we feel very fortunate for the opportunity to work alongside him to continue to realize the vision of PGS and Tone Report.”

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