The Power Of The Add-On

Fluctuations in the economy might affect a customer’s decision to buy large-ticket items like new instruments, but accessory products are proving to be a reliable source of income for retailers.

And Now For Something Completely Different

The Retailer knows that our readers are interested in all the products that, although they might not get as much attention, nevertheless draw in customers. Here, we celebrate lesser-publicized music products.


Five Minutes With

In an intimate yet expansive conversation with The Retailer, Jason Hou, CEO of VocoPro, delves into his background, as well as the creation and ascendance of his company.


MI Spy

This month, our resident super sleuth stampedes into Ft. Worth TX, in search of not a guitar, drum or keyboard but, instead, a mandolin.


Special To The Retailer: In Defense Of The Middle Man

Gabriel O’Brien delivers another piece that’s sure to generate water-cooler conversation. Here, he defends “the middle man”—that being, retailers like you.

Special To The Retailer: An Eco-Friendly Approach

The advantages of eco-friendly processes are beyond dispute. Pat Wiegand, Director of Repair & Refurbishment Services, Music & Arts, shares the retailer’s “go-green” philosophy.

Business & Marketing

David Hall examines an unfortunate reality: many businesses stall out because of their inability—or unwillingness—to develop a solid structure for growth.


Dan Vedda’s already fully in the swing of the Christmas season. (And Ralphie? Well, he still wants an official Red Ryder air rifle.)

Under The Hood

Rounding out our accessory-centered issue theme, we explore Gator Cases’ newest stunner: its lightweight, U.S.A.-made aluminum pedal boards.

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