Dallas, Texas-based The Music Distributors Association announced it is ceasing operations and therefore will cancel its Jan. 22 “Show & Tell” event in Anaheim, Calif. Below is the Nov. 2 email the organization sent out.

“The Music Distributors Association is ceasing operations as an organization and has cancelled the Show & Tell event scheduled for January 22, 2019. As the distribution model has changed over the years with the advent of the internet, buying groups and industry consolidation, MDA has worked to remain relevant. But we also recognize that our efforts are no longer financially sustainable. Rather than risk going into the ‘red’ with one last show, we reluctantly bid farewell to our band of business-to-business brothers and sisters, and thank you all for your support over the years.

It’s been a great ride, and we wish everyone a very successful 2019 NAMM Winter Show!”

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