Glistening Goodies

The Retailer’s annual NAMM New Product Spotlight features nearly 60 of the hottest products that exhibiting companies tell us they’re debuting at the show in Anaheim. The product categories run the gamut: from guitars to percussion gear, from pro audio equipment to accessories and consumables, and from printed material to DJ gear.

2015: The Year In Review

As the music products industry was putting the finishing touches on yet another year, The Retailer reached out to four successful, brick-and-mortar dealers to get not only their take on 2015, but also their hopes and predictions for the year ahead. The selected retailers represent stores of varying sizes, product focuses and geographic scope.


Five Minutes With

In a detailed conversation with The Retailer, Fred Gretsch, President of The Gretsch Company, not only delves into his background and the company’s fascinating history, but also broaches the subject of “exceptional leadership” and the extent to which our industry may have drifted from its roots. Join in the conversation.


MI Spy

The Retailer’s editorial offices are located on Long Island NY, which, geographically speaking, is also where the borough of Brooklyn is. However, in Long Island parlance, Brooklyn is “the city,” disconnected from picket-fence suburbia. This month, The Chief sends our sleuth into the heart of the urban jungle, earnestly searching for amps.


Special To The Retailer

Mark Despotakis, Director of Market Development with Progressive Music, offers a firsthand account of the NAMM Foundation’s commendable efforts and explains why you should be part of its good work.

Special To The Retailer

Allen McBroom, President of the Independent Music Store Owners (iMSO) group, describes the unique, unparalleled value of being part of the close-knit iMSO family.

Shine A Light

The Music Workshop, located in Salem NH, is a successful full-service music store, but it’s also the last music store in town. Join us for a peek inside.

Retailer Rebel

Gabriel O’Brien believes that, if you truly want to see sales numbers increase and compete with online retailers, you must start to prioritize your presence in the digital world.

Business & Marketing

David Hall shares wisdom he gleaned from the early part of his career in MI retailing. The short version: What are buyers? Buyers are liars!


Dan Vedda believes you have the opportunity (and the need) to differentiate yourself in the way you present your store, how you approach your customers and how you help them make music.

Under The Hood

Few product launches in recent memory have generated the excitement of—and shown creative potential equal to that of—Casio’s CELVIANO Grand Hybrid pianos.

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