Willis Music Tri-County recently hosted the biggest cymbal event the Cincinnati OH area has ever seen. “1,000 cymbals, five brands, three days” is the phrase tahat store Manager Kevin Schwallie coined as a simple description of the incredible weekend. Cymbal-Land Cincinnati took place April 26, 27 and 28. Willis Music hosted five prominent brands in the industry: Zildjian, Sabian, Amedia, Meinl and Dream. “Representatives from the brands all agreed that they had never participated in a cymbal event as large as Cymbal-Land Cincinnati,” explained Schwallie, who has been with Willis Music for eight years. “Also, they were impressed by the turnout and support from the Willis Music percussion customers.”

Recently, Schwallie was personally invited to tour a cymbal manufacturer’s facility, and selected cymbals from their vault for his personal use. He thought that more musicians should have the opportunity to select their cymbals from a large offering. After listening to what local musicians wanted, he decided to create this massive cymbal tasting. “We’ve had cymbal tastings in the past, but it has always been with individual brands,” he said.

Cymbal-Land Cincinnati A Huge Success

Cymbal-Land Cincinnati A Huge Success

Customers commented on how they were doubtful that there would really be 1,000 cymbals to select from, explained Schwallie. “But all doubts were removed once they entered the room. Customers took this opportunity to trade in any and all cymbals they weren’t using anymore, or to trade up from any entry-level cymbals they owned.” Schwallie continued, “I think, between the support from the brands, the selection and having the absolute best people in the industry representing their brand, it solidified Willis Music Tri-County’s reputation as being the place in the Greater Cincinnati area to buy cymbals. We will definitely be doing this again next year.”

To add to the fun, there was a friendly competition at the event between the brands, called Cymbal Olympics. Each brand submitted an entry to compete for “Best of” in various categories. The winners were Best Jazz: Zildjian 22-inch Renaissance Ride; Best Rock: Amedia 21-inch D-Rock Ride; Most Versatile: Dream Contact Heavy 22-inch; and Best EFX: Amedia Dervish Stingray. And finally, we congratulate Amedia Cymbals for outselling everyone else at the event.

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