Noel Wentworth

Proving Its ‘Wentworth’

At Wentworth Music, in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, Noel Wentworth is making musical dreams come true. That’s been his goal, and his job, since opening the Wentworth Music Education Centre in 2004.

Destination Shopping

People choose to visit a physical store; it’s no longer the default option. The shopping environment we create, along with our offering of goods and services, determines whether we make the list and, crucially, how often consumers visit.

(More) People Who Need People

In our previous episode, we talked about retailers’ need to engage with customers face to face. To review, we, as humans, are social animals. Tech is amazing, b...

King Of The Cassell’s

Cassell’s Music 901 N. Maclay San Fernando CA 91340 818.365.9247 Ed Intagliata, Owner & Manager Ed Intagliata recently started his 40th year as the Ow...

Survival Of The Persistent

Charles Darwin is frequently credited with having coined the phrase “survival of the fittest.” The general idea, of course, is that the creatures that are best ...

People Who Need People

Ours has always been a “people industry,” driven by the relationships we have with our customers, suppliers and colleagues. Some of those relationships are gear...