What started as a home business on a kitchen table in Ravenna OH has turned, according to kent.patch.com, which originally reported the story, into what could be called a music shop experiment in Kent OH. “We’re a guitar store that sells beer,” Ohio Music Shop Co-Owner Jeff Fulkman was quoted as having said in the original story. “Woody [James, the store’s certified in-house luthier] wanted to own a guitar store, and I wanted a bar,” he added. James boasts his own signature line of custom guitars, in addition to his own line of handwired effects pedals, which are called Old School Effects pedals. He has done custom work on guitars for more than a quarter-century. James and Fulkman have teamed with Steve Herman and Paul Hess in the ownership duties of the store, which is located in the heart of downtown Kent.

The original report describes the owners as grizzled veterans of the music industry who have come together for the common goal of creating a music store dedicated to those who love playing music. “I wanted a store for guys who play a lot…who gig,” James had said. “So, they have a place to come to.” But, it should be noted that everyone—from the beginner to the seasoned professional—is welcome at the store.

The store sets itself apart by its rather distinctive offering. It sells new and used equipment, hosts free live music multiple days a week, repairs equipment, sells beer, performs music lessons, offers practice space and attempts to answer all music questions anybody might have, all while maintaining a low-key atmosphere.

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