Vic Firth has launched new Steve Gadd limited-edition products. The Gadd Padd features a 3/16-inch-thick black silicone rubber pad, mounted to a round eight-inch sturdy wooden base. This single-sided pad features a non-skid rubber base, and it’s decorated with a special commemorative 70th birthday logo. Steve Gadd Signature Sticks feature an improved black finish and are labeled with the commemorative 70th birthday logo in chrome. This classic barrel-tip stick was the first Vic Firth signature stick. It’s available in wood or nylon tip. Gadd has refined the design of the Steve Gadd Wire Brush with a new angle that allows the wires to better glide across the head, providing a smoother sweep and a velvet swish. The retractable pull-rod now includes a third crimp that offers the player an enhanced setting capability. For details, call 617.364.6869 or visit

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