Sennheiser’s evolution wireless D1 digital wireless series provides bands and artists with great live sound, solid RF performance and true plug-and-play operation. Straight out of the box, evolution wireless D1 automatically configures itself to deliver quality sound. No need to worry about the system’s input sensitivity, transmission power or even frequency selection. D1’s “Wireless Link Protection” handles the technical details. D1 delivers great audio, boasting a sophisticated aptX audio codec and 2.4GHz digital transmission. Singers can choose one of six interchangeable capsules from the evolution series to match their voice. To customize your sound, D1 systems offer a seven-band graphic equalizer, de-esser and automatic gain control (compressor/expander). The product’s 2.4GHz frequencies are license-free in most countries. For details, call 860.434.9190 or visit en-us.sennheiser.com.

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